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      Hello!Welcome to the ZCX website




      ZCX automation professional R&D and manufacturing the dispensing machine, glue potting machine, coating machine, soldering machine, screw machine, sealing machine, silicone extrusion production line on so on automation fluid control equipment and various types of automatic on-line, irrigation, glue production line and all kinds of customized automation equipment. Provides professional fluid automation equipment and application solutions.

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      Build a global automation brand, become an international Chinese enterprise!

      About Us

      About Us

      SHEN ZHEN ZCX TECHNLOLGY CO.,LTD Is a set design, production, sales, installation, maintenance as one of the new enterprise automation, professional development and production of the glue machine, glue machine, glue machine, coating machine, LED soft strip light extrusion machine, automatic fluid control equipment and all kinds of automatic on-line point, irrigation, glue production line and all kinds of non-standard automation equipment.

      R & D and production base
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      Charlie Merrill
      Huajie photoelectric
      Leishi lighting
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